Grammatical information: adj.
Meaning: uncertain (IG 5 (1) 278f.; Lacon. inscr. 1st cent. AD);
Derivatives: beside πρατοπανπαις.
Origin: GR [a formation built with Greek elements]
Etymology: Acc. to Kretschmer Glotta 3 (1911) 269f. and 18 (1929) 211 ἁδροπάμπαις = `the ripe πάμπαις'. S. also Bechtel Dial. 2, 324 and v. Blumenthal Hesychst. 24f. Szemerényi, Gnomon 43 (1971) 658 objects that, if the boy is in his 5th year (LSJ Supp.) of state education (at the age of 12), he cannot be ἁδρός, and if in the previous year he is πρατοπανπαις, he is now ατρος; he interprets this convincingly as `second' = ἄτερος; s. his Syncope 271.
Page in Frisk: 1,181

Greek-English etymological dictionary (Ελληνικά-Αγγλικά ετυμολογική λεξικό). . 2010.

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